It has been a tough year for all of us, and an even more challenging and stressful one for the children and families we serve. As we gather together this year, CACMI wanted to find a way to encapsulate this year’s conference theme of Regrowth and Resilience through artistic expression.  We will have a dedicated space at the conference to display artwork created by survivors. These pieces will be submitted by CACs across the state.  A physical gallery will be set up at the CACMI conference, and a virtual gallery will be posted on our website after the conference is complete.

We also will have each artist receive positive feedback from everyone who can view their work. We all know what big impact support can have for the children and families we serve, so we will ask that conference participants also take time to leave comments for these children. The artist will have access to all the comments generated as well as a “Word Cloud” document created from the comments they received. 

In this way, we will all be supporting spirits and enhancing hearts. Of the children, and ourselves.

Resilience Gallery- Supporting Spirits and Enhancing Hearts is an art exhibit composed of entries from survivors. We’re asking each CAC to submit artwork from interested clients created around one of the following three prompts:

  1. What does it look like to be a survivor? OR
  2. What does it look like to be supported? OR
  3. What does it look like to feel safe?

 Parameters for Submission

All Michigan CACs are encouraged to submit up to two pieces of artwork. A permission form will be available on our website and must be completed for the artwork to be displayed 

  1.  All artwork must be no larger than 18” x 24” and be able to stand on its own. This can be on a canvas, a thick poster board, or a frame. Multiple smaller creations from the same artist can be arranged on one canvas.
  2. Obtain permission and review the parameters of the art project with the client. Confirm the title, description, and preferred name to display for the artwork (The family/CAC can decide on how the artist wants to be listed. No identifying information needs to be used.)
  3. Complete registration form at
  4. Registration closes on July 30, 2021, there is no entry fee.

Download the Consent Form

Displaying the Artwork

A designee from each CAC must bring the artwork to the CACMI conference and submit it to Amelia Siders or Aricka Gannon no later than the evening reception on Sunday, August 29th. Please contact Aricka Gannon at CACMI, if you would prefer to drop the submission off before the conference. 

Please make sure the title and name of the artist and CAC are on the back of the artwork.

  • Artwork will be photographed for the virtual gallery and then displayed for the two days of the conference. 
  • Artwork must be picked up by the CAC designee at the end of the conference and then returned to the artist.